Attention! The payment for training is carried out according to the contract through bank after admitting to the academy with the obligatory indication in payment: "Code of payment *; payment for training without VAT, of the student (name, surname) according to the contract № "


The II international faculty was founded on base of dean's office of international students training of SI “DMA” in October, 2012. The foreign citizens training was begun in the academy in 1990. Since 2003 the academy carries out the foreign citizens training in English medium majoring in "general medicine".

In 2017 the II international faculty was reorganized for English-speaking foreigners training  for the purpose of training quality improvement of English-speaking foreign citizens.

Today the II international faculty includes  9 departments: biochemistry and medical chemistry department, pediatrics 3 and neonatology department, occupational diseases and clinical immunology department, psychiatry department, general and medical psychology department, traumatology and orthopedics department, urology department, phthisiology department, surgery №1 department, skin and venereal diseases department.

The II international faculty carries out the foreign citizens training in English medium majoring in "medicine" and "dentistry", the educational-qualified level "master". The training majoring in "medicine “ lasts 6 years, including the training both on theoretical and at clinical departments of the academy. In total the student will obtain 360 credits and undergo certification for 65 disciplines provided by the program of the specialist with higher medical education training.

The training majoring in "medicine” lasts 5 years, includes 310 credits and certification for 64 disciplines.

The new center of practical training for students and interns was created in 2013. Today this is the modern center which occupies the territory more than 1200 m2 , with 22 departments of the academy and  provides 495 educational places. The center is equipped with 400 high-tech medical models, phantoms, training devices with a possibility of application the simulation, computer and interaсtive technologies for mastering the main practical skills.

The high-quality educational process for language and profession training is organized in the academy. The fund of educational literature and study guides is created for foreign citizens.

There are 3 comfortable hostels at the disposal of foreign students. The medical center of academy, student's policlinic, insurance companies provide control of the health and the necessary emergency aid.

The public organizations play an important role in education of foreign students. 10 associations of foreigners accept an active part in the decision of students problems. They organize leisure, do charity work, educational and cultural activity, help to organize campus life.

At the students’ disposal there is a fitness center, the swimming pool, stadium with the tennis court, etc. Foreign students take an active part in sports competitions in soccer, volleyball, table tennis, fight, swimming, powerlifting and cricket.

1st course tuition fee 2019-2020 academic year

  • Ukrainian language - 108 611 UAH / 3 998 USD
  • Foreign language (English, French) - 114 407 UAH / 4 211 USD
  • Pre-study language course – 33 779 UAH / 1 244 USD