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Lifestyle, leisure and sport activities

The main objective of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy is not only to prepare qualified professionals, but also to upbring healthy, physically developed, mentally stable, strong spirit and well-built doctors. Sport and social work is a great part of it. The Academy has done a lot to expand and improve sports facilities for students, staff and faculty members and residents.

Sport - base of DMA includes modern sport complex, which consists of four halls. There are the classes of physical education, fitness groups and sports clubs. In 1972 there was built a 25-meter open-air swimming pool, and a little bit later there were built a tennis court and an open-air playground for athletics, general physical fitness, volleyball, football, badminton. Each summer health and sport camp “Health” (“Zdorovia”), that is situated near the Samara River, works in Orlovshchyna (Novomoskovsk district). It consists of 210 places. Every year about 450 students, staff, faculty and members of their families improve their health there.

Nowadays, the physical rehabilitation, sports medicine and valeology department presents 12 different sport sections such as athletics, volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, dancing, weight lifting, wrestling (sambo) etc. There are over 300 students engaged. Every year, more than 1,400 students and staff take part in numerous sports events (about 30 events per year), which are held in DMA. Student sport competitions after Galina Romanova, freshmen cups, student dormitory tournaments, employee competitions after Professor Popkov and other games become traditional. Sports and music festival “Medical Students for a healthy lifestyle” (“Studenty-mediki za zdoroviy sposib zhittia”) is held in the World Health Day.

By the decision of the administration “Health days” (“Dni zdorovia”) event has been organized on a sport base on weekends since 2011. Everyone - students and staff - can train in recreational groups of swimming, shaping, table tennis, volleyball, football and athletic gymnastics. The comprehensive rehabilitation program “Healthy backbone” (“Zdorovia hrebta”) has been launched since 2013. Students, staff of the Academy are engaged in this program and thus improve their health.

As part of the social initiatives of the President “Children are the future of Ukraine” (“Dity – maibutne Ukraini”) and the regional program “Good health is a successful life” (“Mitsne zdoroviia – uspishne zhittia”) “Swimming School” (“Shkola plavannia”) was opened at the base of the DMA pool.